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Services at CIMBS

CIMBS is amongst India’s leading providers of Mental Health Services with 30+ years of
service experience. The CIMBS team has been a pioneer in the field and provides a range of services
through Out-Patient Programs, In-Patient/ Hospitalization Programs,
Outreach and Home Care Programs, and Advanced Specialty Programs.
Through these programs, CIMBS has served 2,00,000+ patients from across South Asia and

A. Out Patient Care: Consultations & Therapies 6 to 7 days a week
B. Hospitalization, Acute Care & Residential Care
C. Outreach & Home Care
D. Advanced Specialties: Halfway Home, Brain Stimulation, Sleep Lab
E. Emergency Care: 24×7 admission facility +919717402402

For information, you may reach out to us here and someone from our team shall get in touch with you with you at their earliest availability.

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Experts from CIMBS have featured in the media, including:

A. Out-Patient Care

shutterstock_129776723CIMBS provides consultations, counselling, therapies
and assessments for a variety of psychological, psychiatric and other mental
healthcare & well-being services.

At CIMBS, reputed and experienced Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Counsellors
and Hypnotherapists offer treatments integrating latest techniques in psychotherapy
and medicine. Specialised services are available for Child and Adolescent mental
healthcare, Depression, Bipolar Disorders, Schizophrenia, rTMS, Halfway Home, etc.

Out-Patient Care is available 6 to 7 days a week.

Other Psychological Services:

The team of Clinical Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors and Hypnotherapists
offer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, RET, Clinical Hypnotherapy, EMDR, NLP, Family,
Marital and Interpersonal Therapies, Sexual Problems Psychotherapy, Psychological and
Psycho-diagnostic Assessments, Neuropsychological and Cognitive Assessments,
Neuropsychological and Cognitive Tests, IQ, EQ and Personality Tests, Dementia
Evaluation, Clinical Assessments for Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Psychosis, Stress
Management Programs, etc.

B. Residential Care at CIMBS

shutterstock_118928809CIMBS delivers clinically effective evidence based
treatments through diverse programs which include Supported Living,
Acute Care, Halfway Home and other programs.

Tailored residential care programs are available inter alia for psychological
and psychiatric disorders, behavioural disorders, intensive psychotherapy, facilities
for adolescents and children, halfway home programs (from day care to long-stay),
Psychiatric ICU, etc. A variety of rooms are available as per individual needs and

C. Outreach & Home Care

shutterstock_139109795We offer innovative programs for home care, implement
customized outreach programs for individuals, organizations, and conduct community
welfare programs.

Our outreach services include home care visits for assessments and treatment, care for
home-bound individuals, treatment adherence strategies, provision of medical escorts for
hospitalization, conducting community outreach clinics, etc.

CIMBS provides the customized Wellness at Work EAP Program for the
enhancement of Work Happiness Index for tapping of human resource potential, improving
of professionals’ performance, productivity and health, conducting Life Style and
Quality of Life Audits and Coaching, Workplace Assessments and Interventions. The
program includes telephonic support and crisis intervention.

Our panel of medical experts also provide services for the elderly under the
CIMBS Seniors & Elderly We-Care Assistance Program (CIMBS SEWA) for
concerns relating to depression, bereavement and adjustments disorders, dementia, memory
and cognitive decline, etc.

The CIMBS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services which includes psychological
assessments and treatments are also offered as home and school based programs.

D. Advanced Specialties: Halfway Home, Brain Stimulation, Sleep Lab

State of the art treatments are available at CIMBS.

Brain Stimulation: CIMBS is a pioneer in administering repetitive
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) treatments, and has made major research
contributions in the field, and offers complete brain stimulation services. The
facilities at CIMBS include tDCS facilities, Modified ECT for severe disorders,
assessment/ guidance for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS).

Read more about rTMS here.

Sleep Clinic & Sleep Lab: We provide facilities for conducting
sleep studies, and treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), Insomnias,
Parasomnias, Excessive Sleepiness and other Sleep Disorders including Circadian
Rhythm Sleep Disorder, Shift Work Sleep Disorder. The treatments offered include
those using medicines, devices, sleep hygiene, meditation, hypnotherapy, etc.

Halfway Home: The Halfway Home services at CIMBS focus on social
reintegration and increasing ability, and are available for programs for day-care as
well as for long-stay halfway home. The team also conducts Self Help and Family
Groups for therapy sessions, and undertakes cognitive and social skills training.

E. Emergency Care

shutterstock_94954501We understand that at times you or someone you care
about may require emergency mental healthcare intervention. If you or someone you
care about requires such emergency care, call +91-9717-402-402 or
+91-11-4366-6666 for assistance.

CIMBS provides a 24×7 admission facility. Services include treatment for acute
Psychiatric disorders.

F. Overview

The CIMBS team includes various experts who are regarded to be amongst the best
Psychiatrists in India, leading Psychologists, Therapists for Anxiety, Depression
Therapists, Counselling Psychologists and doctors for Mental Health disorders.

The team has Psychologists and Psychiatrists in Delhi, Neuropsychiatrists in Delhi,
Psychologists and Psychiatrists in Noida, Mental Health Doctors in Delhi for
Consultations, Counseling and Therapy, Therapy for Depression, Bipolar Disorder,
Anxiety and all types of Mental Health disorders. The team operates from the CIMBS
centers including the Delhi Psychiatry Centre in Delhi.

CIMBS-Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service Program:

Our team of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists and Psychologists, School Counselors
and Social Workers offers assessments, tests and interventions for home and school
based therapy programs. The C-CAMS Program also provides Individual, Group and Play
Therapy, Peer Support Programs, Parental Guidance and Trainings, treatments for
Behavioral and Emotional Problems, ADHD, Learning Disorders, CIMBS-Career Counseling
(C-3) Program for individualized psychological profiling and developmental inputs.