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(a) Consultation with Sr. Psychiatrist (Dr Sunil Mittal)

  • Consultation for Patient (INR 2,500)
  • Consultation for Patient Registered at CIMBS (INR 2,000)
  • International Patients & Special Appointments (US$ 100 onwards)

(b) Consultation with Psychiatrist (Dr Kudrat Jain / Dr Sandeep Sekhon / Dr Shobhana Mittal)

  • Consultation for Patient (INR 2,000)
  • Consultation for Patient Registered at CIMBS (INR 1,500)

(c) Appointment with Clinical Psychologist (Specify name, if known)

  • Consultation and Advice (INR 1,500)
  • Psychotherapy and Counseling (INR 2,000)

(d) Psychological Diagnostics/ Assessments

  • Detailed Psychological Diagnostics/ Profiling II (INR 15,500)
  • Clinical Assessments (INR 5,000)

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